Doubtful Development

Development moved on through time and space, and first problems arised. I was totally unhappy with the physics and the way Tanks behaved.

Terrible physics, Terrible atmosphere and Terrible feeling XD

I tweaked so much and for so long that I even abandoned the projects for a bit.

Physics was still an issue.
I went from harcoded movement, to applying physical forces to the tank tuning the friction ‘till attempting to simulate wheels and tracks.


Many, many many bugs and dramas going on…

Then inspiration came back and i jumped back over development.

I went at first over some art, redesigning the tanks components. This probably feeded enough my brain to allow me to move over a better physics implementation.
Wasn’t absolutely bug-free but was definitely feeling much better.

I gave a better structure to the whole tanks behavours and decided that a Tank Editor will be needed, a “Garage”.
Yes, tanks can be customized AF!

Then finally i found the right balance

I went for a quite simple (but heavily tuned) raycast sytem, applying forces as if were suspensions to make the tank float. Wheels and tracks are then moved (withing a range) up and down to fake floor contact.

The Gif is a bit accelerated to match length restrictions

I’ll be back soon with other updates!
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